Haunted Humpday 3

Happy late Haunted Humpday!

It's been a little bit of a crazy week here but I couldn't miss an HH post and I have a couple of cute and spooky things to share.

I'm loving all the autumn and Halloween goodies in the shops. One of our grocery stores always puts out a great display for Fall and this week they finally got into the spirit.

Look at this box of baby pumpkins. Don't you love the stems on them? I am a stem geek and have been known to warn cashiers not to lift my pumpkins by the stem. I think it's the best part and it gives each pumpkin character.

This little guy went home with us.

I also adore these velvet faux pumpkins. I've seen them over the last few years and I've always admired them. This one is a deep green black. I might just break down this year and buy one.

I don't need another witch for my collection but I love seeing all the different ones every year. There's nothing like being greeted by an impressive seasonal display of orange and black.

These were also very cool. I love the angry pumpkin especially.

The floral department had this bewitching display. Shopping for groceries should be this fun all year long.

This was my favorite. I kept going back to it between picking up veggies and cereal. Maybe there's room in my yard for just one more.

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Humpday. Please visit the lovely Marfi at Incipient Wings for more spooky fun.


Incipient Wings said...

Wow! What huge selection of amazing Halloween fun!
I love the stems on those pumpkins..
That velvet pumpkin is gorgeous...
Ooh I hope you get some more decorations.. Can't have enough right?

Happy Haunted Humpday!!!

Birgit said...

Since such great Halloween stuff isn't sold in Germany, I always LOVE seeing photos like these -- thanks SO much for sharing them!!!