Haunted Humpday Sightings

Happy Haunted Humpday #2!

Many of the shops are in full Halloween mode now and I'm spotting more and more signs during my daily trips around town.

Even just having the banner go up is exciting!

This little mall (above) made me think of Disney's Halloweentown. Still one of my all time favorite series to watch to get into the spirit. I've been know to watch it in July which is about when I've had enough of summer and start wishing for Fall.

BTW, for any of you American Horror Story fans. I'm looking forward to seeing Halloweentown High alum, Finn Wittrock (Cody) in next season's Freak Show. Cody and Marni were a cute couple but my favorite character was always Grandma Aggie (Debbie Reynolds). I loved her little carpet bag.

I also found this Halloweentown wallpaper during my internet travels.

I couldn't find the artist but thought it was great.

This week is back to school for most of the kids. My son is starting college this year but as of this minute he apparently has other plans. We're still trying to sort it out.

I tried to take him shopping the other day but he had no interest in anything remotely academic so we ended up looking at Halloween stuff at Michael's. He said he has a plan. We'll see how this turns out.

I may need to buy one of these.

Update: School has started and he's decided to attend this semester with a few changes. I'm really proud of him for trying to work it out. Also, the Spirit Halloween shop opened since the day I took the picture about 2 weeks ago. Eeek!

Hope you're all having a great first week of September and remember to stop by Incipient Wings for the rest of Haunted Humpday. Thank you Marfi, for hosting!


Incipient Wings said...

Love that wallpaper!!
Grandma aggie is my favorite to...I wish I had a bag like that!

...it does seem like the summer vacation time flew by this year...it's hard to get in gear.
glad your son sorted it out.

Can't wait for American Horror story!!!

Thank you for playing again this week Anna, no matter what you do, it's beautiful!!

Ms Misantropia said...

Me and my man are so looking forward to AHS season 4!

I actually had that wallpaper as a blog background in a previous blog I ran.

Happy Humpday!