Haunted Humpday - Happy Fall

Fall is officially here! Does it feel like Fall where you are? It's definitely cooling down here though never cool enough for me. I still dream of a proper crisp September Autumn every year but that's just not going to happen here so I'll just try to appreciate our version of Fall. Pumpkins, sandals and all.

I started putting a few Halloween touches on my mantle. Here is the first pumpkin I picked up a week ago. I think I already mentioned how manic I am about pumpkin stems. I love how this one is curvy and twisty.

Many of my witchy things stay out year round. I have a collection of these mini spell books and card decks. I keep them on my mantle all the time. The cool skelly necklace is a gift from our lovely hostess from years ago. Always one of my favorites.

More of my mini spell books and a handful of Mardi Gras beads of course.

My Lucinda witch dolly and little pumpkin girl stay out all year long too. They live on a tea cart in my art space. Even when I'm not doing a whole lot of art I still love to be around my creative stuff.

I also keep a print of this piece up on my wall. I painted it 2 years ago for an animal shelter charity auction. I've used it as my Halloween card the past 2 years and I'm hoping it might inspire me to create a new one this year.

We have been having horrific wildfires in our area and as a result our skies have put on a mesmerizing show at sunset. A few nights ago the air was so bad with smoke and haze that we got this stunningly haunting cloud cover at sunset. It was truly surreal. My son and I decided to check out all the Halloween offerings at our local shops. It was our version of trick-or-treating and with the eerie sky outside it was a bittersweet pre-Autumn treat.

Thanks for stopping by again and don't forget to visit Marfi at Incipient Wings for more spooky fun.


Incipient Wings said...

Whenever I read your posts I can smell sweet cinnamon pumpkin candles or incense or maybe it's a spell you're brewing up??
Love your photos... They are so happy and wow that cloud looks extra creepy!!!
Glad you two got some pre Halloween magic:)
Happy haunted Humpday!!

Calamitous Botanicus said...

I love your painting of the witch, the little dogs and cats around her are really cute. How scary about the fires, and not in a good way! Stay safe, and a belated Happy Haunted Humpday!

Tee said...

Happy Hauntings!

Holly said...

Those clouds reminded me of Zombie Apocalypse settings you see in movies. Lovely hallow decor.Did you enjoy the rain yesterday, we sure did.