A very late Haunted Halloween Humpday

Well October came and went. Farewell to my favorite month. It was magical as always.

Everything caught up with me last week and I seemed to run out of hours in my days. I had Halloween events at the shelter were I volunteer, various promotions to tend to around town and a doggie parade that was rained out then rescheduled.

Miss Isis Delilah Roo went as a Fairy Bat to the Pit Bull Awareness Costume Parade this weekend and had a great time with the other pups.

On Halloween we had a perfect rainy day that cleared up just in time for trick or treating. All our decorations got wet but everything stayed up.

Our mornings and nights are cooler now and there's actually snow in the mountains about an hour away from us. But would you believe we're still getting up into the 80's during the day? At least the trees finally changed colors and it's very pretty here in my city right now.

I hope you had a lovely Halloween. Thank you for stopping by and a hundred thanks to Marfi for hosting this wonderfully spooky event every year.

Enjoy the rest of the season and have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Haunted Humpday

Apparently Thursdays have become my personal Haunted Humpday. I can't believe how fast this month has gone. This year even more so with the extra activities going on at the animal shelter where I volunteer.

Are you all decorated and ready for Halloween?

I'm much better this year than I was last year. I started putting stuff out on the 1st of October and just kept adding things here and there. Most of it is outside in my front yard.

The other day I put up black silhouettes in my front window. Ignore the pieces of tape on the 'fence'. I decided to make arches this year and I really like how they look from the outside.

There is a large arched window on top of this that I have yet to decorate but here is a pic of how I did it last year.

And this is a picture of how the front looked at night (last year).

This year my son made more tombstones and panels of black fencing to go around the 'graveyard'. We're waiting until after this weekend's rain to put it up but I'm really excited to see how it turns out.

I know it's hard to see but I wanted to share this cool jack-o-lantern we added this year. It's a nice big size (and on sale) so we decided to put him up on a tall ladder and dress the ladder up with branches for arms. He's going by the front door to scare the little trick-or-treaters on Halloween.


Lastly, I wanted to share a blog post I found recently. I didn't do much decorating indoors so I love looking at what others have done. I even have the same spellbook which gives me an idea.

I think this mantle is adorable. I love the matching paper on the pumpkin and background. You can see the rest on her blog HERE.

OK. I'm off to craft a quick costume for my pup. We're walking in the Pit Bull Awareness Day Parade this weekend and I finally decided what to put her in. Stay tuned for pics next week!

Happy Haunted Humpday Thursday!

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Haunted Humpday

It's another Haunted Humpday! Today's post is only slightly late and rather brief. I've been feeling under the weather all day so I spent most of it curled up on the sofa with my pup. But I'm finally feeling a little better now so I decided to squeeze in a last minute post.

I was out in my front yard early this morning before I realized how unwell I felt. We had a little bit of rain so I went out to take a few pictures of my slightly damp decorations.

This is one of the few plants that I've been able to keep alive. I can never remember what it's real name is but my son and I call it our wizard plant so I named it Mrs Weasely.

Spooky spider by the front door.

I have a few little black birds perched on the gate. The skulls in the back are the plastic ones from the Dollar Tree. My son didn't like how shiny the original color was so he covered them all with Gesso primer to repaint them but decided that the Gesso gave them a more authentic look.

One of our resident skeletons.

One of my favorite things to do this time of the year is drive around my city looking for houses with great decorations. This little cottage is one of my favorites. I check every few days to see if they've put up the giant spider. Last year they had it up on the roof.

The front yard is usually clear all year long.They add the rickety fence and 'stone' posts just for Halloween. I love when people are this creative but I also wonder where they put it all the rest of the year!

Hope you're having a wicked October. It's going way too fast so enjoy every minute.

Thank you, Marfi, for hosting. Please stop by Incipient Wings for more spookyness.

Late Haunted Humpday

I'm a day late for my HH post. It's been a little hectic around here but....it's October! And it's finally starting to feel more like Autumn here, at least in the morning and late at night. I'll just ignore that the next 2 or 3 days it's suppose to be up in the 90s again. Yuck.

I love the early mornings when I can surf the web for Halloween inspiration.

I thought this pumpkin cake was too adorable. I love the simple design and the layers look yummy. You can find it HERE.

Grandin Road's website has lots of great ideas from their annual spooky decor contest. Here are a few of the entries I thought were clever and cool.

Apparently this years big theme seems to be skeleton everything. I've seen dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, even horses. This skelly family in the park is cute and clever.

There are tons more HERE.

I'm not a fan of gory Halloween stuff. I like eerie, spooky, haunting and also whimsical and elegant. I used to love Marthas Stewart's old Halloween episodes. It always got me into the spirit and inspired me to start decorating. Luckily most of her old stuff is on her website and on YouTube.

Even if I didn't love all her ideas there was always something familiar and comforting about watching her Fall and Halloween episodes. I guess I've just watched them for so long that it's become a tradition for me.

Do you ever get nightmares?

Art by Minosch

I haven't had a really intense one in a while until 3 nights ago. I woke up (or thought I was awake) in the middle of the night and sensed someone standing to the left of my bed. I turned and opened my eyes and was startled to see a shadowy figure standing near the bed. There were faint scroll markings covering it, not tribal but almost like a damask pattern. Leave it me to dream in damask.

Suddenly the figure started moving towards me and I realized it was about to smother me. So I screamed. A very loud scream that woke everyone else up. Everyone except for my cat, Luna, and dog, Isis, who sleep with me but didn't seem to notice that I was in mortal danger.

My heart was pounding. I couldn't tell if I had been dreaming or if it was real. I felt the hair on my back standing up and got that weird prickling at the base of my spine that I only get when I have nightmares. It was frightening and fascinating at the same time. Luckily I was still sleepy and within a few minutes I fell back asleep.

They say our dreams hold hidden messages for us. I'm still trying to figure out what that one meant. Of course it could also be my excitement over Halloween and somehow my brain decided to give me a fun little welcome to the season. Thanks Brain!

I hope you're enjoying all the spooky magic.

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Haunted Humpday - Happy Fall

Fall is officially here! Does it feel like Fall where you are? It's definitely cooling down here though never cool enough for me. I still dream of a proper crisp September Autumn every year but that's just not going to happen here so I'll just try to appreciate our version of Fall. Pumpkins, sandals and all.

I started putting a few Halloween touches on my mantle. Here is the first pumpkin I picked up a week ago. I think I already mentioned how manic I am about pumpkin stems. I love how this one is curvy and twisty.

Many of my witchy things stay out year round. I have a collection of these mini spell books and card decks. I keep them on my mantle all the time. The cool skelly necklace is a gift from our lovely hostess from years ago. Always one of my favorites.

More of my mini spell books and a handful of Mardi Gras beads of course.

My Lucinda witch dolly and little pumpkin girl stay out all year long too. They live on a tea cart in my art space. Even when I'm not doing a whole lot of art I still love to be around my creative stuff.

I also keep a print of this piece up on my wall. I painted it 2 years ago for an animal shelter charity auction. I've used it as my Halloween card the past 2 years and I'm hoping it might inspire me to create a new one this year.

We have been having horrific wildfires in our area and as a result our skies have put on a mesmerizing show at sunset. A few nights ago the air was so bad with smoke and haze that we got this stunningly haunting cloud cover at sunset. It was truly surreal. My son and I decided to check out all the Halloween offerings at our local shops. It was our version of trick-or-treating and with the eerie sky outside it was a bittersweet pre-Autumn treat.

Thanks for stopping by again and don't forget to visit Marfi at Incipient Wings for more spooky fun.

Haunted Humpday Traveler

Time for another Haunted Humpday. Today I'm taking you on a trip to the other side of the world to where my family came from. My grandmother had many fascinating stories and the spooky ones were the ones that always stayed with me. Although this place is not about her hometown, I was intrigued by it because it's about a house.

First, a little history: The city of Baguio is a well known tourist spot in the Philippines. It's a beautiful city and like the rest of the country, it reflects a history of colonization by different regimes. Although the Philippines was mainly under Spanish rule, both America and Britain took possession of it at some point in time.

The Philippines is the only Asian country that speaks English along with it's own language (Tagalog), a mixture of Spanish and native dialects. It's also the only Catholic country in Asia which makes it ripe for countless stories about possession, hauntings and lost souls but that's for another post.

In the 1920's, while under American rule, a wealthy family built an imposing white Victorain house on Leonard Wood Road. The Laperals were part of one of the oldest Baguio dynasties and the details in the architecture of the house showed off their wealth.

Most homes built by wealthy families were Spanish colonials. Even in less affluent towns the architecture showed a heavy Spanish influence so this Victorian house was highly unusual. Another city called Vigan reflects it's Spanish heritage more than any other place. It's narrow streets resemble old European cities much more than it's humble Filipino surroundings.

Places like this bring back memories of tales of people losing their way while out on a late night walk. Someone would see an elderly woman on the street and out of fright, would turn down another street only to encounter the same woman until they became completely lost. My father swore this happened to him as a young man.

But back to the Laperal House.

The story goes that during WWII Japanese soldiers took over the Laperal house and tortured and killed nearly all of its residents. I know this also happened in my grandmother's hometown from her own stories. It was a brutal war where families fled their homes to escape the ruthless soldiers and ran into the woods to hide.

For decades, local townspeople told stories of hearing screams coming from the old house which sat vacant for some time. One well known tale was about a child seen on the stairway at the front of the house. Many believed the child was the owner's grandson who was hit by a car while crossing the street.

There are also tales of a woman appearing in a third floor window. Believed to be the spirit of the young child's nanny who was killed in that house. The house's owner was said to have survived the war but died later when he slipped on the front stairway.

Because of the home's solid structure it remained a presence in the community allowing it's haunted tales to be passed along to the next generation. Today the house is a museum that's open to the public. It's a favorite destination for budding ghost hunters, and visitors tell their own stories of eerie encounters.

I've never visited the Laperal White House and although I've heard other haunted house stories from my grandmother, this one intrigued me the most because it wasn't until recently that I saw pictures.

Of course what struck me right away was how much it looked like the Practical Magic movie house. To see an old Victorian in the last place I expected was a curious surprise. That it's somehow tied to the country that's part of my heritage made it even more fascinating.

The weather is starting to cool down here although this past weekend we were back up in the ghastly 100's again. But the nice weather person said it will feel more like Autumn this week. Last night I enjoyed rereading a tattered old book I've had for decades. In between I indulged in the latest issue of the Victorian Trading catalog. Perfect reading while the Delta breeze whistled outside my window.

Now that I think I'm smelling wet moss and old wood as I type, I think it's time for me to call it a night. Which reminds me, the city's name, Baguio (pronounced without the 'u'), comes from an old word that means moss.

Thank you again to Marfi for hosting and Happy Haunted Humpday.

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Haunted Humpday 3

Happy late Haunted Humpday!

It's been a little bit of a crazy week here but I couldn't miss an HH post and I have a couple of cute and spooky things to share.

I'm loving all the autumn and Halloween goodies in the shops. One of our grocery stores always puts out a great display for Fall and this week they finally got into the spirit.

Look at this box of baby pumpkins. Don't you love the stems on them? I am a stem geek and have been known to warn cashiers not to lift my pumpkins by the stem. I think it's the best part and it gives each pumpkin character.

This little guy went home with us.

I also adore these velvet faux pumpkins. I've seen them over the last few years and I've always admired them. This one is a deep green black. I might just break down this year and buy one.

I don't need another witch for my collection but I love seeing all the different ones every year. There's nothing like being greeted by an impressive seasonal display of orange and black.

These were also very cool. I love the angry pumpkin especially.

The floral department had this bewitching display. Shopping for groceries should be this fun all year long.

This was my favorite. I kept going back to it between picking up veggies and cereal. Maybe there's room in my yard for just one more.

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Humpday. Please visit the lovely Marfi at Incipient Wings for more spooky fun.

Haunted Humpday Sightings

Happy Haunted Humpday #2!

Many of the shops are in full Halloween mode now and I'm spotting more and more signs during my daily trips around town.

Even just having the banner go up is exciting!

This little mall (above) made me think of Disney's Halloweentown. Still one of my all time favorite series to watch to get into the spirit. I've been know to watch it in July which is about when I've had enough of summer and start wishing for Fall.

BTW, for any of you American Horror Story fans. I'm looking forward to seeing Halloweentown High alum, Finn Wittrock (Cody) in next season's Freak Show. Cody and Marni were a cute couple but my favorite character was always Grandma Aggie (Debbie Reynolds). I loved her little carpet bag.

I also found this Halloweentown wallpaper during my internet travels.

I couldn't find the artist but thought it was great.

This week is back to school for most of the kids. My son is starting college this year but as of this minute he apparently has other plans. We're still trying to sort it out.

I tried to take him shopping the other day but he had no interest in anything remotely academic so we ended up looking at Halloween stuff at Michael's. He said he has a plan. We'll see how this turns out.

I may need to buy one of these.

Update: School has started and he's decided to attend this semester with a few changes. I'm really proud of him for trying to work it out. Also, the Spirit Halloween shop opened since the day I took the picture about 2 weeks ago. Eeek!

Hope you're all having a great first week of September and remember to stop by Incipient Wings for the rest of Haunted Humpday. Thank you Marfi, for hosting!