Late Haunted Humpday

I'm a day late for my HH post. It's been a little hectic around here's October! And it's finally starting to feel more like Autumn here, at least in the morning and late at night. I'll just ignore that the next 2 or 3 days it's suppose to be up in the 90s again. Yuck.

I love the early mornings when I can surf the web for Halloween inspiration.

I thought this pumpkin cake was too adorable. I love the simple design and the layers look yummy. You can find it HERE.

Grandin Road's website has lots of great ideas from their annual spooky decor contest. Here are a few of the entries I thought were clever and cool.

Apparently this years big theme seems to be skeleton everything. I've seen dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, even horses. This skelly family in the park is cute and clever.

There are tons more HERE.

I'm not a fan of gory Halloween stuff. I like eerie, spooky, haunting and also whimsical and elegant. I used to love Marthas Stewart's old Halloween episodes. It always got me into the spirit and inspired me to start decorating. Luckily most of her old stuff is on her website and on YouTube.

Even if I didn't love all her ideas there was always something familiar and comforting about watching her Fall and Halloween episodes. I guess I've just watched them for so long that it's become a tradition for me.

Do you ever get nightmares?

Art by Minosch

I haven't had a really intense one in a while until 3 nights ago. I woke up (or thought I was awake) in the middle of the night and sensed someone standing to the left of my bed. I turned and opened my eyes and was startled to see a shadowy figure standing near the bed. There were faint scroll markings covering it, not tribal but almost like a damask pattern. Leave it me to dream in damask.

Suddenly the figure started moving towards me and I realized it was about to smother me. So I screamed. A very loud scream that woke everyone else up. Everyone except for my cat, Luna, and dog, Isis, who sleep with me but didn't seem to notice that I was in mortal danger.

My heart was pounding. I couldn't tell if I had been dreaming or if it was real. I felt the hair on my back standing up and got that weird prickling at the base of my spine that I only get when I have nightmares. It was frightening and fascinating at the same time. Luckily I was still sleepy and within a few minutes I fell back asleep.

They say our dreams hold hidden messages for us. I'm still trying to figure out what that one meant. Of course it could also be my excitement over Halloween and somehow my brain decided to give me a fun little welcome to the season. Thanks Brain!

I hope you're enjoying all the spooky magic.

Don't forget to stop by Incipient Wings for lots more.


Linda Wildenstein said...

Great findings on the web. I too saw Ms. Martha and will have bats in my belfry this year. Happy October, Oma Linda

Calamitous Botanicus said...

There's no doubt that Martha Stewart is the Queen of Halloween. Thanks for the link. I absolutely love that cake, is it Jack Skellington?
It's does seem to be the season for nightmares, I hope you have pleasant dreams from now on.
Cheers, Sarah

Holly said...

That cake is too cute.I can't listen to the news before sleep because it filters into my dreams. I'm hopefully going to find a zen cooler climate to enjoy this weekend. Have a great weekend.

Incipient Wings said...

Love this.
I really like that demonic looking thing in the bed!
So creepy
I liked watching Martha too.
Especially the baking.
Happy haunted Humpday !

Birgit said...

The cake is just wonderful! By the way, I also prefer the spooky and whimsical side of Halloween -- the gory doesn't appeal to me either.

Your dream was really scary -- I am not sure if I could have fallen asleep again...

Ms Misantropia said...

I haven't checked out Martha Stewart's Halloween crafts this year, thanks for reminding me!